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Please do that. I will laugh so hard if you do. Sorry you hurt though.

One for, one against so far. 

Yeah, I never thought kidney stones would hurt so bad. I mean, I’d heard they were painful. But this wasn’t painful. It was unbearable. Perhaps it should be noted that I’m a wuss, but still…

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What happened?

There was a discussion at work today about a mom who started breastfeeding her baby in front of a male teacher during parent-teacher conferences. The consensus among the people near me was that she could have covered up out of respect to the male teacher. Pissed me off.

seriouslythoughman answered your question: Do We Need a Third Candidate in This Election?

I think the only real way for this to happen is a CA style process nationally. A free for all primary with the top two going head to head.

I think it’s possible under our current system, but not easy. If everyone who wanted Gary Johnson to win (over Obama and Romney) would vote for him, I think he’d be our next president.

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I love the hat mister Jones. Did the little hurricane run you guys off?

I love my hat, too. Not sure if that was sarcasm you were speaking or not. My MIL bought it for me in Colorado. I never would’ve paid that much for a hat, but it’s my precious now. 

And yes, the Tropical Storm/Hurricane did run us off. It kept getting worse yesterday, so we decided it’d be better to get out before we were trapped on the island. I don’t know how bad it actually was, but I figured better safe than sorry. And now that we’re home, I’m glad we left. 

seriouslythoughman answered your question: A Summary of Every House Hunters International Ever

They already own the house they pick before the show shoots! Rigged show.

I’ve heard that as well, BUT I’ve seen a few episodes where they didn’t get the first house they picked and had to go for their second choice.  Of course, that could be rigged too.