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positivelypersistentteach answered your question: WE HAVE A FUCKING MOUSE! What do we do?

normally in these circumstances I call my dad

What would his fees be to come to Athens, Ga? 

Seriously, moving is at the top of my options right now. 

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You can do it on tumblr too!

True, I could do it through tags I guess.  I really doubt any of my followers are Romney supporters.  On FB, on the other hand, there’d be plenty of entertainment since I know quite a few right wingers IRL.  

I mean, I get that they’re disappointed.  Actually, I’m a little disappointed too.  I wish we could just have universal healthcare.  Maybe if all the crazies move to Canada (WTF on that one? Just proximity?), we will get single payer one day.  

I’ll help them pack.

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Excellent commentary.  Also, as soon as we look for reasons not to investigate accusations of rape, we start making holes for future rapists to escape through.  We shame victims, and we don’t give them much hope for justice which in turn plays into the thinking that it isn’t worth reporting because no one is going to do anything about it.

Agreed. This just seemed like a plot to smear Assange because of the way it was handled at first. My concern at this point is that he should be treated like anyone else and that these allegations shouldn’t lead to him being punished for his professional work and that he shouldn’t be extradited to the U.S.. 

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Family Medical Leave Act?

It looks like that only works if you’ve been with the employer for a year+.  I just switched counties this year.  I don’t know if it counts for me since I’ve been an employee of the State of Georgia for the past three years or if it matters that I changed counties.  

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I understand your position — but when the student is in primary grades, it CAN make a big difference.

I agree that retention in Kindergarten is the most likely to have a big difference on the student.