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Creationism — Its not appropriate for children.   

THANK YOU Bill Nye, you really are THE SCIENCE GUY! 


I’d vote for them! :)


SOMERSET, NJ—In what local authorities are calling a “near tragedy,” Charles Wentworth, a 17-year-old Rutgers Preparatory senior and member of the affluent Wentworth family, came perilously close to suffering a consequence resulting from his own wrongdoing Saturday.

Ryan: “Most of our debt in the future comes from our entitlement programs.”

Senior citizen: “Hey, (Garbled; Ryan continues to speak). I paid into that for 50 years, my unemployment and my Social Security and my Medicare, and now you’re gonna…” At this point you hear the police who are dragging him out shouting, “on the ground, on the ground”.

Ryan then jokes, “I hope he’s taken his blood-pressure medication”, and the room laughs with him.


You know, it sort of really pisses me off when I hear politicians say “In this country, if you work hard and dream big you can be anything you want to be!”

I’ve always had a problem with that statement because I don’t think that’s true at all. There is a cycle of poverty that is near impossible to break, no matter how hard you work. Yes, there are success stories. But that’s why you can name a few right off the top of your head, because they are such rare occurrences. So forgive me if I don’t believe in that antiquated mantra. It’s an incredibly naive and privileged way of looking at how shit actually works in our country.

But now it really boils my blood to hear politicians say that because that antiquated mantra doesn’t really apply to anyone anymore, not just people living in poverty. I’m a walking example of someone who a.) attended great schools my entire life, b.) had any and every opportunity to succeed presented to me. I knew that working hard in high school would lead to great options for college which would lead to a successful career.

Well, I’ve worked my ass off in school for years (hard work: check) and I’ve dreamed of the day that I will be able walk in to my own classroom as a certified teacher (big dreams: check). But you can only do so much if there are no fucking jobs available when you graduate.

So, please Mr. Politician on my TV, spare me the bullshit. How about we stop cutting funding for education? Let’s give a damn about the kind of schools we send our kids (EVERY kid) to everyday. Let’s provide a great education to every child in this country so that they have the tools to create a better life for themselves. Let’s create some jobs so that the people who do work their asses off their whole lives have somewhere to actually work.

I’m not asking for equal results for everyone, just equal opportunity for everyone to succeed. And right now that is not the case in this country, no matter how hard you work or how big you dream.


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Romney so far has released one complete tax filing, for 2010, along with an estimate for 2011. He filed for an extension for his 2011 tax return.

Democrats are accusing Romney of being secretive and taking advantage of tax loopholes that aren’t available to average Americans. The former Massachusetts governor has also come under attack for accounts he has held in Switzerland, the Cayman Islands and Bermuda.

I guess this is a lose, lose situation.  Anyone can imagine why Romney doesn’t want to release more returns, but refusing to release them just makes it more of a story.  

So, what’s worse - what will be revealed by releasing your returns or what we imagine will be revealed by releasing your returns?

Former President Bill Clinton said Mitt Romney’s financial record is a matter of legitimate campaign scrutiny because he’s been selling himself as a fix-it man on the economy.

Clinton told NBC’s “Today” show Romney’s hesitation to release all of his tax returns “struck me as a little odd.” Romney has released a full tax filing only for 2010.

He explained, “I am a little surprised he only released a year’s worth of tax returns. That kind of perplexed me, because this is the first time in, I don’t know, more than 30 years that anybody running for president has only done that. you know, it’s typical we all release 10, 11 years. I think Senator McCain released over 20 years of tax returns.”

[source: AP/HuffPo]

* photo from HuffPo