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When they play together, it makes all the sleepless nights worth it. (Taken with Instagram)

Protip: If you want your visit to the doctor to be quick, take your seven month old baby with you.  He didn’t even cry, but everyone rushed to get me finished. 

Warning: This post may have elements some would call TMI.

So, I had a physical scheduled for this morning.  It’s a requirement of our insurance, which is a good thing I think.  Normally, I’d rely on Mimi to watch Soleil while I went to the doctor.  But she’s in hospital (nothing serious).  And yesterday I had to pick up Granger from his daycare because he had a fever.  We sent Soleil to the daycare today so we wouldn’t waste a day and it’s just us boys.

I called the doctor yesterday to make sure he could come with me.  No problem they said. And it wasn’t really, apart from one little detail.  I had to pee in a cup.  I didn’t want to leave him alone while I went in the bathroom, plus I figured he’d flip if I did anyhow.  So, I picked him up, grabbed the cup, and headed in.  I’ll skip the details, but suffice it to say that peeing in a cup while holding a 7 month old squirming baby boy is no small feat.  I’d say I reached Parenting Level Expert this morning.  

In hindsight, I could have left him in his carrier and he could have chilled on the floor.  That would have made things a little easier.  That’s why I didn’t say that I’d reached Parenting Level Ninja.  

Room to grow, room to grow…

Dear Makers of DVDs for Children -

Have you ever heard of AUTO PLAY?!  What the hell is the matter with some of you?  The player is in the backseat (you know, where the kids are).

Most of you know what’s up, but there are some of you that need to learn.

- Sincerely, Parents with DVD Players in the Car 

Love this comment from a friend of mine.

What do you do when you need an answer to a question?  Did you just google that question? If so, you’re right; you turn to Google.  

And Google, in its infinite knowledge, pointed me in just the right direction.  It led me to this post from Alphamom.  

Here is a snippet from her response to a mom writing to ask why her toddler is no longer sleeping through the night:

I have no solutions or suggestions. You’re not doing anything wrong. You just go day by day and hope for the best, and hope that maybe today is the day he’ll snap out of it and go to sleep. If not, well, maybe tomorrow.

I do have a ton of sympathy though, because oh. OH. There were days when my exhaustion and frustration would take over and I just. Couldn’t. Deal. With my child’s sleep-deprived tantrums and whining. There were days when I made multiple trips to the bathroom to count to 10. Who is this annoying, non-sleeping monster child and where did my sweet little baby go? Why did I think we were so lucky to have a good sleeper only to have it all turn to crap before his second birthday?

Read the whole thing.  I’m betting a lot of you parents will so identify with this.  We did. It’s sort of made us not hate it so much.  It is what it is and this, too, shall pass.  Soon, I hope.

All Joy and No FunWhy parents hate parenting.

One answer could simply be that parents are deluded, in the grip of some false consciousness that’s good for mankind but not for men and women in particular. Gilbert, a proud father and grandfather, would argue as much. He’s made a name for himself showing that we humans are pretty sorry predictors of what will make us happy, and to his mind, the yearning for children, the literal mother of all aspirations for so many, is a very good case in point—what children really do, he suspects, is offer moments of transcendence, not an overall improvement in well-being.