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librarianpirate replied to your post: Is there an easier way to see all your likes on…

on the right side of the page click on liked X# posts

Figured it out. You won’t believe what my first like ever was on tumblr. 

Posting page 162 just to show there’s nothing before that. 

librarianpirate replied to your post: Do you think that switching to the bookstore model will give the kids a disadvantage as they grow up and don’t know how to find things in a dewey decimal system?

I still use Dewey but we’ve been trying to bookstore it up a bit by pulling out the 398.2s, putting big signs over the cookbooks/mythology/etc. - I wouldn’t mind bookstoring it up a bit more.

That’s what a lot of the other schools in my district have been doing as well. I’m the only school that has committed to a full transition right now, but I hope some others will join me soon. 

Have you noticed a difference yet or heard any feedback from students? This past week was my first week with students, so I haven’t had a chance to talk with them about their experiences with our semi-transformed library.