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KILL THE FACEBOOK! Really though, I have no clue. Facebook needs to stick with the same privacy settings for, oh I don’t know, a day? this time before they go mucking them up again. So annoying.

If I can’t figure this out by the end of the day, it’s gone.  So sick of this crap!  

I was happy coming back to FB once I knew I could disable commenting on my posts.  That way I didn’t have to deal with political debates.  Plus, I like being able to control what appears on my wall.  Someone could write anything they want on my wall otherwise and there’s nothing I can do about it.

Equally annoying is that you can’t get in touch with the assholes to ask them anything.  

Go to “privacy” and choose “Custom settings,” then at the bottom choose “Customize” and it’s in the second set. Unless you’re on a different stage of the roll-out than I am, you should still be able to change “comment on my posts” to “no one.”

I think that’s how it was under the old privacy settings, but I don’t have those same options anymore.  Maybe they’re rolling it out in phases or something.  

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