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Click here to watch Stephen Colbert’s interview with President Jimmy Carter on last night’s Colbert Report.

I’ve gone down to Plains, GA several times to hear President Carter speak at his church. If you’re nearby or just willing to make the trip, I really recommend it. You can view his speaking schedule on his church’s website: You can see the farm President Carter grew up on, go to a local museum, stay at the Plains Inn, and then wake up early to go get in line Sunday morning. President Carter teaches Sunday School, but he always spends a few minutes just talking with the visitors beforehand. And after you sit through the rest of the service (the low point for sure), you can have your photo taken with President Carter and Rosalynn. Pretty cool.

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You can see exactly how Jon goes from attempting to reason to utterly horrified when the asshole opens his mouth about Dr. King…

I’m just thinking about how he reacted to the white guy trying to co-opt the Holocaust, especially considering that Jon Stewart is ethnically Jewish.

So, Jews & Rroma didn’t smuggle weapons into the ghettos & stage uprisings in the concentration camps because last time I checked.. we did. 

Yeah, Americans need to stop perpetuating this narrative that there was no resistance.

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Nine Wonderful Words About Words from 25 things you had no idea there were words for

I love everything about this

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A photograph from the 1870’s showing tens of thousands of bison skulls. They were mass slaughtered by the U.S. Army to make room for cattle and force Native American tribes into starvation.

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Mass slaughter of buffalo and bison took place in Canadian territory as well, and was part of a deliberate campaign to break Indigenous resistance to (further) settler incursions onto Native land and the railroad.  The removal of the buffalo also meant that when it came time to sign treaties, the Canadian government could more or less set any terms it saw fit and Indigenous leaders basically had to comply with them or their people would freeze and starve (that’s if gov officials even bothered to translate the actual terms of the treaty at all).

The “disappearance” of the buffalo is narrativized as part of a larger myth surrounding the “disappearing Indian” whose absence clears the land for the incoming white pioneers to take their place.  The murder, destruction, slaughter of bison and buffalo was a tactic essential to the genocidal colonial project. 

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from Aamer Rahman’s “How to be a Reverse Racist" (via checkprivilege)

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Almost a yeard. Three more months.

Wish I was in Austin this week.