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When studying Deaf Studies at Gallaudet University, I was horrified to find out that Alexander Graham Bell actually published a paper titled “Memoir Upon the Formation of a Deaf Variety of the Human Race,” in which he basically suggested that deaf people should not marry each other.

Bell wrote: “Those who believe as I do, that the production of a defective race of human beings would be a great calamity to the world, will examine carefully the causes that lead to the intermarriage of the deaf with the object of applying a remedy.” His suggestions on how to stop marriages amongst deaf people were: “(1) Determine the causes that promotes intermarriages among the deaf and dumb; and (2) remove them.” *

Bell even went as far as saying this to deaf audience in 1891: “I am sure that there is no one among the deaf who desires to have his affliction handed down to his children” and he “promoted marriage with a hearing partner so that the undesirable ‘blood is diluted’ by ‘admixture with normal blood’” (“The History of Special Education” by Margret Winzer). I cannot imagine how livid the deaf community must have been.

Of course, the angered deaf community and advocates placed so much pressure and criticism on Bell that Bell decided to have Dr. Edward Allen Fay do a study on deaf marriages. As a result, Fay found out that about 10% of deaf parents had deaf children (“The History of Special Education” by Margret Winzer). That rendered Bell’s arguments to be invalid. Still, Bell had already done so much irreversible damages to the deaf community. (Not to mention his stance on supporting Oralism, on focusing on destroying ASL, deaf clubs, deaf schools, and many more)

I cannot imagine what it was like for deaf people at that time period. I am sure that many of deaf people’s family relatives were persuaded by Bell’s words against deaf marriages. As a result, deaf people suffered pressures from their family relatives to NOT marry their deaf partner, to marry a hearing partner instead. It is possible that, thanks to Bell, some deaf people were prevented from marrying (deaf) ones they truly do love. That is why my heart goes out to supporting same-sex marriages nowadays. Nobody deserves to be denied from marrying the ones they truly love. Nobody.

Alexander Graham Bell was an asshole.

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Junot Díaz & Peter Sagal: Immigrants, Masculinity, Nerds, & Art [x]

We also have a popular culture which acts as a megaphone for the larger American tendencies towards anti-intellectualism.

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A middle school in my hometown made this video to Pharrell’s Happy. It’s pretty awesome. 

They’re trying to get 500,000 likes on YouTube by next week. So, if it strikes your fancy, please share.


CEO:Avg worker pay


CEO:Avg worker pay


The next billionaire tech visionary will be whoever can invent an “uncrackable” encryption method, and/or someone who invents a way to allow people to identify themselves online without separate passwords. 

Actually, both would be nice. 

Imagine what it would be like to only need to know one password, and to be able to store and transport this password via an encryption method so secure there is no way at all to crack it? Man, how nice would that be?




this was too fucking amazing to not reblog, so I made it black and white.





this was too fucking amazing to not reblog, so I made it black and white.


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Australian cast of The Lion King sings on a plane.  Because actors are nerds no matter where they are.

Are tears what you wanted because that was fucking beautiful.

Gawd I need to move to australia! Thank you air canada and united for screaming babies and asshats who won’t turn off their cell phones.



Do you still need more proof of rape culture?

As Noam Chomsky once pointed out for Z Magazine, old media types from the institutional bodies like American Enterprise Institute tend to regurgitate the same ideas with a reliability that is equally impressive and infuriating. While assuring the public that rape is a terrible crime, writers like Caroline Kitchens and Heather McDonald of right-wing think tank The Manhattan Institute try to claim that feminists have blown this whole rape culture thing way out of proportion.

Apparently, many women disagree. On Tuesday there were more than 1 million responses on the #RapeCultureIsWhen hashtag started by a frustrated Zerlina Maxwell in response to these right-wing narratives. 

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It’s when your friends think that it’s something you did and regret and are just calling it rape when you were so intoxicated that your friend took advantage of you and told you not to tell anyone about it.

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